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Honorarium Gifts



The Foundation has received $31,867.30

from 149 donors to honor (or memorialize) 79 individuals.


Honorarium Gifts celebrate lives today, and allow the honoree to see the benefits provided by your gift.

Ann (Lingenfelter) Bitner


Michael Boarder

His Friends

Billie Brandon

Mimi Fernyak

Staff Sergeant James Brewer

LPSF Trustees

Alec Eldridge

Chelsey Slusser-Jones

Master Sergeant BriAnne (Smith) Forrester

LPSF Trustees

Martha Henley

Mona McMullen

Jonathan M. Huffman, Capt, USAF

LPSF Trustees

Elizabeth (Morgan) James

LPSF Trustees

Captain Mary Kauffman

LPSF Trustees

Connor Kern, LHS 2022

Kim Stitzlein

Superintendent John Miller

McMullen School Staff

Frank and Deb Mitsch

Carrie Chiarella

Gordon Moxley

Mimi Fernyak

Laurent ("Gus") Petit

Carl and Janet Ayers

Robert “Bobby” Roetzel

Class of 2005

Mackenzie Wade, LHS 2022

Cathleen Thiemens