Individual Donor List

We thank the 1,556 individual donors who have supported the Loudonville-Perrysville School Foundation since its incorporation in 2008.  We also welcome those donors, shown in bold, who made their first donation in the current calendar year. Donors known to be deceased are marked with an asterisk (*).

10 or more Years

Janet Abee
Chuck and Connie Adams
Sherry Albertson-Clark and Kenneth Clark
Lori* Allenbaugh
Steve and Peg Allerding
Joe and Deb Allerding
Scott and Brenda Allison
Nan* Anderson
Ed and Vickie Arnholt
James and Andrea Arnholt
Larry Arnholt
Jack* and Crystal Ashby
Henry and Marlene Augustine
Mike and Guinn Bandy
Joel Barnhill
Edward* and Delores* Baum
Marie Beddow
Gregg and Connie Beechy
Rick and Kelly Beechy
Thomas and JoAnn Beechy
Dr. and Mrs.* Robert Berry
Dave and Jackie Bick
Danny and Bev Bilger
Ben and Sharon Blubaugh
Joseph and Christine Bowman
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Bowman
Nancy Bowman
Terry Bowman and Glenn Warren-Bowman
Wynn and Susan Bowman
Terry* and Judy Briggs
David Brightbill
Jean Brightbill
Robert and Sue Brightbill
Mary Lou Budd
David Bunting
Matt and Marissa Burd
Gene and Ginny Burgess
Byron and Susan Burwell
Andy and Mindy Butts
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Byers
Marilyn Byers
Rodney and Anita Byler
Sue Cadoret
Stephen Caldwell
Ruth Ann Campbell
Jeff and Bev Carter
Mike and Amy Cheney
Gayle Christopher
Jim and Laura Conley
Jeff* and Traci Cooper
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Cooperrider
Dr. and Mrs. Kent Cunningham
Mark Dabrowski
Jim and Margie Danner
Virginia and Tom Darrah
Nate and Kathy Davis
Brian and Becky (Glauer) DeLay
Kim and Jo Dee Derr
Mindy Derr
Rosanne* Dickson
Patrick and Becky Drouhard
Jerry and Judy Dudte
Bud and Toni Dunmire
Gary* and Sandy Easterday
Dan and Susan Eckenwiler
John and Doreen Edmondson
Weldon and Joanne* Edmondson
Emily Eikleberry
Thomas and Marlene Ellis
Ron* and Vivian* Etzwiler
BB* and Sue Ferris
Bill and Sandy Flowers
Richard Foote
Julia Fulmer Cummins
John and Mary Lou Gess
Earl Gilbert
Connie Gilt
Philip* and Dana Glasgo
Steve and Charlotte Glasgo
Maureen Goodwin
Bill and Annette Gorrell
Don Gorrell
Josh and Michelle Gray
John and Joie Gregor
Bob and Bonnie* Gribble
M. Jeane and Jim* Gribble
Gary and Sherry Hannan
Darwin* and Sheila Hardin
Rob and Chris Harris
Jerry and Bobbie Harris
Eugene* Harsch
Brian and Terry Hartzell
George* and Shirley* Haudenschild
Bill and Lourene Heichel
Gene and Nancy Heller
Chuck* and Martha* Henley
Buzz and Karen Henley
Richard* and Annabelle* Henry
Brian and Carol Hinkle
Dan and Jerrilyn Huffman
Dave and Criss Hunter
Gary and Lisa Kauffman
Steve* and Kay Kick
Russell and Ruth Kinsey
Elmer and Cindy* Kline
Rich and Tammy Kline
Shirley Koch Watters
Robert and Jane Kopp
Bruce Koppert
Judy Koppert
Annie Kuttothara
Jeff Lane
Wayne Leininger
Dr. John Leland
Kenny Libben
Charles Lindecamp
Walter and Kimberly Lindsey
Jim* and Elise Lingenfelter
Jacque and Joyce Lingenfelter
Brenda* Long
Doug Long
Tom and Renata Lunt
Sheila Mascareno
Marilyn E. (Betty) Masheter
Linda McBride
Chuck and Becky McClure
Gary and Karen McClure
Jim* and Phyllis McClure
Karen McCready
Michael and Michele McDaniel
Ron and Judy McFarlin
John and Doris Messner
Joan Metzger
John and Penny Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Walt Miller
William Miller
Dennis and Deaunna Morgan
Dick Morris
Jack* and Toni Morris
Jim and Charlene* Morris
Steve and Debra Mosher
Ernie* and Janet* Motz
Norma* Mowers-Zody and Gaylord* Zody
Tim and Sandy Mowery
Beverly Mumper
Larry and Karyle Mumper
Dr. and Mrs. Gail Mutchler
Corey Ness
Dennis and Cindy Newcomer
Jack* and Lenna* Nowels
Duane and Sandra* Obrecht
Raymond and Elaine Obrecht
Walter and Sarel Offinger
Pat Pearl
Judith Pearson
Brent and Deanna Peoples
Andy Podnieks
Dick* and Barb Porter
Carl and Lucretia Portz
Ronny and Jennifer Portz
Mary Ann* and Stanley Post
Jo Ann Price
Joey and Cheryl Raines
Mark and Denise Ramser
Mary* Ramser
Andrew and Kari Reidenbach
Mel and Jo Anne Reinthal
Robert Reynolds
Russ and Tami Reynolds
Mark and Reda Rhoads
Jim* and Bev Richardson
Mary Jean Roach
Paul and Ann Robison
Marty Ross
Carl Roth
Bobbe Jeanne Rowan
James and Judy Sabo
Kyle and Hattie Schenk
Phylis Schleicher
Ron Schrack
Joe and Gay Nell Seymour
Fred Shaffer
Doug and Patty Shannon
Patricia* Shenberger
Russell Shorts
Mike and Jo Shrimplin
Larry* and Tina Siegfried
Carol Slates
Jim Smetzer
James and Carolyn Smith
Patti Smith
Russell and Lynn Smith
Don Sours
Brenda* Spier
Gary and Sharon Sprang
Randy and Shannon Sprang
Milt and Amy Spreng
Dave and Diana Spreng
Sue Steingass
Bob* and Colleen* Stitzlein
Skip and Darla Stitzlein
Gary and Diana* Stitzlein
Roger and Connie Stitzlein
Judith Stitzlein Bridger
Chris and Jan Strong
Gary and Patricia Stumbaugh
Janice Taylor
Joseph and Mary Taylor
Debbie Thomas
Tom and Cheryl Thompson
Matt and Angila Tracey
John and Chris Troutman
Jon* and Salome (Sally) Truax
Jim* Tschantz
Kenny and Joann Utterback
Jason and Rose VanSickle
Carolyn Vickers Carmichael
Ian and Kris Viets
Marty Virchow
Lynne Waldron
Mike and Sally Warbel
Mike Warner
Leroy and Donna* Weaver
George Weimer
Terry Weirich
Steve and Dewann Weltmer
David Wickham
Tom Wilson
Harry Winters
Jane Wright Eberhart
Janet Young
Stan* and Barb Young
Les and Gailen Zody
Scott and Mary Zody

5 to 9 Years

Anonymous (1)
Steve Abrams
Iona Adams
Ralph and Kathy Adams
Tom and Karolyn Adams
John* Allerding
Stephen and Alicia Allerding
Tom and Carol Allerding
Harold* and Audrey* Applegate
Jack and Ann* Arnholt
Jack* and Kathleen Ashby
Becky Augustine
Steve and Deb Ayers
Doug and Alyson Baker
Lawrence* and Cherie Baldner
Walter* Baldner
Nelson Bandy
Ruthanne Bandy
Tyler Bates
John and Carolyn Bauer
Bryan and Jennifer Baynes
Richard Beans and Lauren Kauffman
Carolyn Beck
Charles and Phyllis Beck
Richard* and Betty* Beechy
Robert Bilger
Jay and Ann Bitner
David and Crystal Bitner
Ed* and Nancy* Blackford
Gary Boden
Rose Boreman
John* and Elaine Boyer
Caleb and Jennifer Brecheisen
Bob Brennstuhl
Jim and Sharon Brewer
Robert Brooks
Robert* and Linda Brown
Ed and Peg Butler
Don and Joyce Butler
Aaron and Christine Butts
Chad and Kendra Buzzard
Phil and Jacqueline Buzzard
Bob and Kathy Buzzard
Jill Byers
Jared and Megan Canfield
Kim and Mary Carr
Mark and Melisa (Meme) Carr
Trev and Karen Cary
Jeff and Sandy Cates
Tyler and Jessica Cates
Mark and Becky Cawrse
Leah Chapman
Carrie (Mitsch) Chiarella
Jerry and Lisa Christine
Bryan and Ann Coey
Bob and Donna Coffin
Gino Colace
Kennard* Cole
Karen* Conner
Don Conrad
Ryan and Mackenzie Conway
Mary Conway
Rex and Sue Conway
Patrick and Robin Cook
Drs. Jon and Teresa Cooperrider
Bob* and Lavone* Cowen
Doug and Deb Cowen
Dr. Mary Crow
Thomas* Crow
John and Sharon Dahl
Brandt Danals
James and Carol Davis
Rasheena Davis
Zach and Lindsay Davis
Kevin and Betty Dean
Cathy Dennis
Connie Dennis
Wes and Tamara Donaldson
Nathan and Kristin Donley
Janice L. Drushel Williams
Rheva Dutka
Chelsea and Thomas Dye
John and Vicki Dye
Loleta Eberhart
Richard and Robyn Eggleston
Aimee Espitia
Matthew and D'Joy Falaye Gwin
Bob and Polly Fenton
Joseph and Patricia Fisher
Nathan Fliger
Ron and Deb Forsthoefel
Ethel* Foster
James R. Foster
Ken Fowler
Deborah (Strong) Fox
Stephen and Nancy Frank
Jeff and Erin Frankford
Brenda Fredericks
Shelly Frye
Charles and Sandra Fudge
Steve and Becky Furlong
Danny* and Ann Gardner
Scott and Tracey Gardner
John and Jody Getz
Loretta* Gilbert
Mary Lou* Glasener
Mandee Glasgo
Lissa Glasgo and Katrina Ngo
Dr. and Mrs. Dave Glauer
Sandee Gooding
Frank* Goulde
Ashley Gray
William and Janet Grubaugh
Eric and Chelsey Gruver
Kathy Haag
Alice* Hall
Bob and Carmen Hall
Carol J. Hann
Dustin and Mindy Hans
Rose Hargis and Nick Huerta
Gina Harris
Robert and Monica Hartman
Eric Haudenschild
Randi Hauger
Tania Heater
Tom* and Jan Heichel
Roger* and Sharon Heimberger
Scott and Deb Henderson
Sherry Hesselbein
Jan Heter
Stephen and Dianne* Hines
Randy and Terry Hinkle
David and Cindy Hollinger
James and Vivian Hollinger
Tiffany Hoover
Dan and Peg Horn
Laura Horn
Will and Susie Hoyt
Jill Hudson
Nate and Stephanie Huffman
Bill and Marg Huffman
Bob and Bev Hughes
Tim and Susan Hunter
Lisa Hyatt
Don and Emily Iles
Chelsey Jones
Harrison* and Jean Jones
Margaret* Jones
Sandy Kaplan
Paul* and Jean* Kauffman
Philip Kegg
Connie Kennedy
Carol* Kettering
Larry Kick
Phil and Kate Kick
Ron and Elaine Kiefer
Connie Kitchen
Ron and Lois Kline
Eric R. Koppert
Wanda* Koppert
John and Kari Krabill
Joel* and Trese Krocker
Kevin Krupp
David and Jill Lance
Jordan and Becky Lance
John and Wende Lance
Florence* Landis
Marta Landoll
Tom and Debbie Lavinder
Deb Lewis
Rachel Libben
LPSF Trustees
Christian and Kathryn Lunt
Douglas Lutz
Dr.* and Mrs. Thomas Mallory
Ronda Manchester
Wilbur* and Evelyn Manchester
Steve and Teri Marshall
Ruth* Martin
Nelda* Maxson
Michael* McCaskey
Shayne and Michelle McCaskey
Kerry McCaskey Wood
Bruce and Shelba McCoy
Tiffani McDonald
Daniel and Laurie McFarlin
Gary and Linda McFarlin
Brittany McMullen
John and Mona McMullen
Dr. Renee Meadows
Sue and Mark Meyer
Patty and Stan Miller
Sharlene Miller
Ruth Mitchell
Rose Mohnacky
Margaret Moore
Bob and Edna Moritz
Kim Morone
Rosemary Morr
Rebecca Mott
Richard* and Dorothy* Motz
Larry and Lisa Mowry
Marilyn Mueller
Christie and Chester Mullet
Lois* Mutchler
Mary Lee Myers
Scott and Angie Nave
Harold* and Nellie* Newcomer
Michael Newton
Don* and Jeannette* Nickles
Dick and Carol Obrecht
Jeff and Marion* Painter
Fred* and Mary* Paisley
Carolyn (Paisley) Hahne
Tom Pakes
Robert and Jolene Palmer
John* and Terri* Paullin
Rita Pence
Chris Peretti
Bob* and Mary Alice Perrone
Richard* and Marilyn Pinkley
Dan and Susie Piskur
Don and Diana Plant
Richard ("Butch") and Judy Pollard
Chip and Jacqui Pollard
Bill and Jeanette* Porter
Fran Porter
John and Debbie Porter
Yvonne Porter
Randy and Chelsea Portz
Stanton* and Kay Portz
Ron and Linda Pratt
Cindy Pribble
Catherine Puster
Peggy Rader
Bill and Alexandra Raines
Curt and Amy Ramey
Jim and Janice Reed
Kevin and Susie Reinthal
Russel and Ethel Reynolds
Virginia Reynolds
Brian* and Ashley Rhodes
Kerry and Cindy* Rich
Jeff Richert
Glen and Beth Ring
Ruth* Roach
Ron and Judy Robbins
Jon and Anne Rodgers
Dave and Joyce Rohrbaugh
Bob and Julie Rooks
Eric and Karen Rooks
Brad* and Linda Ross
Jessica Ross
Edward (Skip) Sage
Larry and Carol Sams
Judy Sanders
Alice Sanz
Robert and Beverly Saunier
Fred Sawyer
Jenna Saylor
AnnMarie Schmersal
Paul and Angela Schmidt
Kay Schnee
Chelsea Schnell
Darrel and Deborah Scott
Jennifer Settles
Will Shaffer
Jane Shaffer Ganelin
Heath and Nicole Shannon
Justin Shearer
Kelly Shetler
Tim Shireman
Greg Shreve
Erin Siegfried
Paul and Rhonda Sipp
Jason and Jennifer Smeltzer
Carolyn* Smith
Esther* Smith
Carl* and Sandy Smith
Stephen and Karen Smith
Mike and Carol Smithhisler
Christopher Snively
Robert Snively
Rick* and Marilee Snyder
Norma Snyder
Pete and Shana Snyder
Bernard and Bonnie* Sprang
Tami Sprang
Dan and Kristy Spreng
Jim* and Beckett Spreng
Lawrence* and Donna Spreng
Scott and Angela Spreng
Willis and Annette Spreng
Nicholas and Katie Spring
Dwight* and Susie Stake
Tyler Stake
Bob* and Mary Alice* Staman
Greg and Diane Staman
Matt and Jennifer Stewart
Clovis* and Ruth* Stitzlein
John Stitzlein and Nancy Crow
Kim Stitzlein
Dan and Lisa Stitzlein
Tim and Terry Stockdale
Dean and Ronda Stoner
Chris and Ashley Strong
Bob and Robin Strong
Walter* Tenschert
Nila Thewlis
Tom and Bettye* Thieme
Samantha Thiemens
Jean Thoensen
Oliver and Ashley Thwaite
John* and Eileen* Tope
Bruce and Kay Truax
Marilyn Tupper
Sheila Uhrich
Jack and Pam Underwood
Andrew and Asia Van Horn
Bill* and Elaine Vastine
John and Angela Vermilya
Rick and Colleen Virgili
Mary Lou* and Wayne Wachtel
Jane Walters
Ben Ward
Sam* and Shirley Weirick
Kris (Priscilla) Wells
Bob* Wendling
Ted* and Vivian Wendling
Tom and Sherry Wigton
Kristin Wilson
Brian and Laura Lee Wilson
Brian and Katherine Woischke
Barbara Wolcott
Toni Wolford
Jon and Deb Wood
Mildred* Workman
Mike Young
Eric and Michele Young
Ryan Young and Suh Hee Kim
Wayne* and Debra Young
Donald Yuncker
Richard and Lacey Zellner
Jack and Lori Zimmerman
John and Sherri Zimmerman
Rod and Phyllis Zimmerman
Ed* and Barb Zody
Marion* Zody
Ron and Denise Zook
Terry* and Linda Zuercher

2 to 4 Years

Anonymous (1)
Jim and Lee Albertson
Brent Allerding
Brian and Abbey Allerding
Mattie Amstutz
The Reverend Fred* and Allison Anderson
Christine Angerer
Cory Appleby
Matt and Kara Armstrong
Daniel and Terri Arnholt
Grace* Arnholt
Robert* Arnholt
Roger Arnholt
John ("Rick") Arnold and Laura Genero
David and Karen Ashby
Jesse Ashby
Jessica Augustine
Carl and Janet Ayers
Bev Badger
James and Fran Bainter
Mike Baker
Neal and Sharon Baker
Kurtis and Christy Baldner
Scott and Lynda Baldner
Lynda* Baldner
Mike and Kathy Baldner
Scott and Melanie Baldner
Alex Barnard
John and Joan* Barnhill
Paul and Amy Baumberger
Pam* Beachler
Travis and Renee Beck
Chuck and Janet Bender
Andrew and Olivia Bennett
Tracy Berkshire
Kay Berry
Roger and Deb Bickhart
Jacqueline Bilger
Jane Bilinovich
Mariel Bingham
Gary and Dorothy Bise
Michael and Marcia Bitner
Marcy and Radoslaw Bolek
Daren and Diane Bolen
Carol Bordner
Helen* Bowman
Jason and Jackie Bowman
Dr. Larry Bowman
Zeb and Katie Brecheisen
James and Linda Brightbill
Chris and Gini Brodie
Ann Brown
John Brown
Charles A. Browning
Katy and Richard (Truck) Bryson
Edward Budd
Kristopher and Ashley Buirley
Jennifer Bumbalough
Walt and Barb Burd
Larry and Toni Burkepile
Dominique Burriss
Dr. Sheena Burwell
Jessica Bush
Dick Butler
Amy Byers
Pam Callahan
Vivian Campbell
Betsy Carpenter
Stanley Carpenter
Brad and Heather Carr
Mariellen Carr
David and Marilyn Carroll
Jill Carroll
John and Jenny Carroll
Cooper and Courtney Charlton
Marlene Christine
Donald Chubb
Kyle Clady
Adam Close
Janice Combs
Christopher and Andrea Conley
Carlin and Rosann Conrad
Emily Conrad
Gary Conrad
Pauline* Conrad
Tyler and Nicole Cook
Maddi Cooperrider
Mara Cooperrider
Tessa Cooperrider
Elizabeth Coots
Doug and Marianne Cowell
Mike* Cowen
Tim and Anne Cowen
Dr. James* W. Currens
Jen Dalton
Ted and Kathy Daniels
Bruce and Mary Davis
Jackie Delong
Alissa Dennie
Beryl* Denny
Heidi and James Denny
David and Melisa Denslow
Gregory and Jessica Derr
Bob* Derrenberger
Miriam Dilgard
Lehr and Marcia Dircks
Paul and Elisabeth Dittrich
Richard and Stacy Dittrich
Eric and Sarah Domyan
Dr. Thomas J. Drouhard
Gary and Sally Dvorak
Peggy* Dye
Ray and Karen Eckelberry
John and Janice Eitelgeorge
Bill and Heidi Eldridge
Bill Etling
Rhonda Etzwiler Houck and Greg Houck
Joe and Catherine Evans
John and Susan Fairless
Judy Feightner
Aleigha Fodor
Candy Foster
Danny* and Lois Foster
Regina Foust
Marcus and Erin Frank
Dr. Laura Frazier
Lee and Diana Fromme
Diane Furno
Albert and Teresa Gaines
Rodney Gallaway, Jr
Helen* Geiselman
Jack Gerhart
Richard and Lavonne Gindlesberger
Kate Glasgo
Kaleb Gongwer
Joey Gooch
Mark and Cheryl Gooch
Jane Gooding
Gina Gorrell
Brenda Lou Gotter
Ann* Gradisher
Helen* Graham
Andy* and Julia Grassman
Susan* Grassman
Lloyd Gray
Nate and Jessica Gray
Gene and Doris Gregory
Ed and Karen Grose
Jessie Gruver
Douglas and Brenda Haag
Evan and Kelly Hahn
David and Beth Haight
Rodrick and Stephanie Hamilton
Gary* and Sherri* Hannaford
April Hannan
George* and Audrey* Hannan
Kevin Hans
Wesley Hans
Carl* and Norma* Hardesty
Barbara Hardesty-Kollar and James Kollar
Adam and Emma Harper
Jeff and Lee (Fierbaugh) Harrison
Hannah and James Harrison
Lucille Hastings
Ed* and Barb Haudenschild
Minnie* Haudenschild
John* Hay
Dan and Cathy Heffelfinger
Martha* Heffelfinger
Stuart Herman
Bill and Carol Herman
Scott Hieatt
Patsy Himes
Connie Hinkle
Grant and Sally Hollenbach
Betty Hootman
Tom and Marla Hoover
Sue* Hopkins
Herman and Faith Huffman
Pat and April Huffman
Jim Huggins
Les and Danielle Hughes
Lynn Hulver
Jason Humphrey
Chris Hunt
Bob and Pam Hunter
Kacie Hunter
Brian Jagiel
Heather Renner-Johnson
Jason and Jennifer Johnson
Richard* Jordan
Leslie Kamenik
Michael and Meghan Kandel
Amber Kasper
Ed* and Carolyn Kaylor
Raymond* and Marilyn* Keck
Faith Keenan
Ronald Keiser
Sharon* Keiser
Jay and Molly Kern
Andy Kick
Allison Kiefer
David Kiefer
Larry and Carol Kiefer
Chase Kiner
Miranda Kiner
Dan and Sherry Kiner
Stacey Kiner
Jerry and Deb Kirkpatrick
H. Lee and Reta B. Kirsh
Jacob and Samantha Kline
John and Julie Kline
Danielle Knoble
James Koch
Jean Koerner
Jennifer Koop and Leonard Koop, Jr
Marci Kopp
Terry and Memory Kopp
Jean* Koppert
Dick Koppert
Rob* Koppert
Kenneth and Suzanne Kuruc
Lea Lakosh
Alice* Lambert
Irma Lance
Shawn and Andrea Landoll
Jimmy Landoll
Pg and Maria Lavengood
Jeff and Devon Lavinder
Kristi Leeth
Margaret Leffler
Melissa Leininger
John* and Eleanor Leininger
Patty* Lemon
Charlene Lepley
Cole and Mekaylah Lewis
Dale and Patricia Libben
Dave and Mary Ann Lifer
Connie Likens
William Lindner
Sharon Linn
Herbert* Long
Sharon Looney
Jennifer Lowe and Bret Hottle
Terry and Sue Lozier
Catherine Martin
Barbara Mast Stepanik
Krista Matteson
Elaine Matz
Irwin and Paulette McAuley
Donna McBride
Lana McBride
Eric McCaskey
Norma* McClaran
Jen McCluggage
Craig and Mary McCue
David and Melissa McCuistion
Jerrilynn McDaniel
Katie McDaniel
Alvin McElwain
Ken and Heather McGowan
Aaron and Kirstin Meherg
Mary Jo Menicos
Steve Metcalf
Heather Meucci
Kristen Miller
Richard* and Maxine Miller
Adam Mills
Deb Mitsch
Mike and Misty Moore
Nathen and Lizabeth Morris
Jim and Nancy Mott
Jon and Mary Mould
Sara Mould
Tom* and Marilyn* Mowery
Tyler and Brittany Mowery
Frank Muse
KC Nash
Christina Nawrocki
Richelle and Dwayne Nicholas
Marge Nickles
K. Elliott and Joy Nowels
Jim and Linda O'Brien
Brad and Jetta Odenkirk
Steve and Tonya Orchard
Jaimie Parker
Michael and Kendra Parsons
Melanie Partin
Joe and Amber Paullin
Mike and Kathi Paullin
Amanda Payne
Britta Lissakers Perry
Laurent (Gus) and Isabel Petit
Ryan and Lindsey Petty
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Pflueger
Phil and Becky Piper
Brad Porter
Zach and Bethany Porter
B. Scott Pringle
JoAnne Pruitt
Opal* Purcell
Larry* and Sandy* Quay
Matt and Angie Quay
Sister Joan M. Rader, O.P.
Jim* and Cynthia Ramsey
Adam and Kristie Ray
Cathy Reynolds
Kermit* and Donna Marie Richert
Larry and Julie Rieser
Justin and Molly Ringler
Larry Riter
Edward and Margaret Roberts
Dan and Kayla Robinson
Matt Rooks
Carolyn Rosen
Marcella Rosen
Joe and Maureen Rygielski
Sarah Salomon
Bill and Shawna Scarberry
Travis and Whitney Schaffer
Dr. Linda Schamber
Belva Schott
Romie and Kathy Schultenover
Trevor Scott
Kelly and Julie Seboe
Jim and Lauri Sellers
Bonnie* Sellner Havholm
Don and Sue Shafer
Darla Sherman
Meshey Shields
Ginny Shreve
Emma Sigler
John (Doc) and Liz Simmons
Jayne Simms
Linda Slates
Dr. Richard Slaven
Doug and JoAnn Smetzer
Allyson Smith
Alvin* and Linda Smith
David Smith
Mike and Karen* Smith
Marty and Sally Snow
Linda Snowbarger
Audra Snyder
Mary* Snyder
Patrick and Jenny Snyder
Shirley* Snyder
Twila Soles
Nate and Angela Sponsler
Kerry and Patti Sprang
Pam Sprang
Todd and Tonda Sprang
Chuck* and Linda* Spreng
Don F. and Sally E.* Spreng
Ken Spreng
Ronald and Karen Spreng
David and Sandra Stake
Sam and Vicky Stephenson
Rick Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Stinemetz
Dwain and Roberta Stitzlein
Thelma* Stitzlein
Sarah Stoner
John and Jane Stoops
Steve and Stacy Stricklen
Reed and Jody Strong
Doug Strouse
Mary* Strouse
Matt and Ashley Strouse
Vernard* and Marjorie Strouse
Clifford* Stumbaugh
Janet Stutz
Bill and Deborah Sutterlin
Daniel and Monica Sved
Jane* Swank
Charlie and Jane Taylor
Kevin and Lydia Taylor
Mark Tazelaar* and Peggy Borton-Tazelaar
Andrew and Jessica Tedrow
John and Camie Temple
James and Adrea Tennant
Clare Theis
Chuck and Karen Thomas
Luke and Alison Todd
David and Jennifer Truax
Jackie Truax
Tom and Cory Truax
TJ and Logan Truax
Nellie Turner
Dick and Georgeanna Turske
Glenna* Tzagournis
Susan Uhler
Scotty Underwood
John and Jennifer Van Camp
John and Laura* Van Horn
Dick and Mary* Van Sickle
Rick* Van Sickle
Taryn VanAtta
Rebecca Voshell
Charles and Bethanie Vranekovic
Walt* and Lou* Wachtel
Robert and Jessica Wagner
Michael Warbel
Erica Ware
David Weatherbee
Josh and Katlyn Weber
Luke and Katie Weber
David and Judith Webster
Tom and Jennie Weidinger
Peter* Weidner
Melissa Weirick
Josh and Sarah Weiser
Bill Welsh
Larry and Cindy Wendling
Brian and Karie Wheaton
Andrea White
Gerry White
Dr. Betsey* Sellner Whitman
Becky Whittington
Nancy* Wigton
Nellie* Williams
Trevalynne Williams
George Winters
Thomas Winters
Micheal Wiredu
John and Andrea Wise
Janice* Wolf
Rick and Bev Wolford
Jeremy and Cynthia Wolford
Fred and Cammie Workman
Robert* and Donna* Workman
Thomas* Workman
Jim* and Mary Lou Wright
Andrew and Megan Yoak
Dan and Jeanne Yoakam
Duane* and Janet* Yoder
Bernerd* Young
Tom and Belinda Young
Lynn Zickefoose
Richard (Legs) Zickefoose
Justin Ziegler
Nick Zuercher
Ted and Mary Beth Zuercher

1 Year

Anonymous (9)
Amber and Roland Abi El Hessen
Josh Brumfield and Andrea Algire
Pamela Allegretti
Mike and Courtney Allerding
Bill and Liz Anderson
Rick and Tracee Anderson
Sydney Anderson
Charles* Applegate
Bob and Jan Archer
Greg and Jessica Armstrong
Rachel Arnold
Monica Augenstein
Eric Bailey
Kelsey Bailey
Lisa (Marshall) Bangasser
Joseph and Karen Barker
Marty and Haley Barnett
Maria Barone
Cassandra Barth
Jim and Linda Bates
John* and Dr. Sara Battison
Terry Baughman
Brooke Beans
Tom and Tracey Bender
LaVerle Berry
Nicole Bilancini
Bob and Joyce Blanchard
Dennis and Elsa Boen
John Boich
Jenna Book
Marvin and Deborah Bost
Jeff and Ashley Bowman
Vince Bowman
John and Trisha Boyer
Olimpia Bozzi
Crystal Brendemuehl
Terry Brentlinger
Doug* and Lisa* Briggs
Herbert Brown
David and Jeanne Browning
Dwight* and Doris Browning
Kevin Buchanan
Marica Buell and Matt Spangler
Carol Bugai
Eugene* and Jacqueline Burdette
Jeff Burgess
Ned and Judy Burgess
Rusty and Tracy Burkepile
Gabi Burkhalter
Maci Burkhalter
Sierra Burkhalter
Joey Butler
Tommy and Jordan Butler
Dave and Teresa Buzzard
Jon and Lori Byers
Michael Cain
Murmur* Calhoun
Jack and Jane Campbell
Olivia Campbell and Brandon Harper
Roy Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Sean* and Lani* Carlson
Matt and Lindsay Carr
Michael Carroll
Sarah Carroll
Martha Carson
Pamela Carver
Marvin* Cates
Brandon Chapman
Mariah Chapman
Carol* Charley
Tom and Jill Charlton
Rebecca Cheney
Heidi Chrastina
Chuck Christopher
Peggy Claes
Doug and Tina Cline
Linda Close
James and Heidi Coey
Jeff and Kristy Cogar
John and Barb Cominsky
Tom and Sheryl Conley
Bill* and Beverly Conrad
Bob and Liz Conrad
David Conrad
Jackie Conry
Perry Conway
Christine Coon-Seymour
Jay Cooper
Grant* Cowell
James* Cowen
Leslie and Rita Craft
Bryant Crawford
David* Crow
Beatrice* Curry
Bob and Cheryl Curry
Michael Cutlip
Allen Cutlip and Samantha Brightbill
James Dahl
Aaron and Michelle D'Amico
Stu and Deb Danals
Noah* Daniel
Matt Darby
Benjamin Davis
Judy Davis
Vince Davis
Gale* and Laura* Deane
Vince and Michele Delvecchio
Marcus Derr
Jonathan DeWitt
Jay and Nancy Dickson
Joe and Mary Dietz
Stewart and Karen Dix
Nicole Docherty
Craig and Penny Donelson
Mary Dreibelbis
Warren Drouhard, Jr
Patricia Droz
Conway and Wendy Dudte
Ruth Ann Durnwald
Dr. Rahman Dyer
David* Edmondson
Jeremy Edmondson
Rodney and Rhonda Enlund
Ralph* Enoch
Thomas Essman
John and Mimi Fernyak
Kate Fick
Joseph and Glory Finley
Doug* Fisher
Martha Fisher
Mindee Fisher
Michael Flenner
Jeffery Fliger
Matt Fliger
Troy and BriAnne Forrester
Andrew Forsthoefel
Nathan and Jessica Forsthoefel
Jacob and Bethany Fortune
Jim Fought
Teresa Francisco
Doug and Amy Frank
Keith* Frank
Zach Frankford
Mason and Billie Frasher
Adam and Lauren Fromme
Brandon and Elizabeth Gardner
Jenny Garrison
Nathan and Raycene Geary
William and Nancy Gebhart
Tim and Katrina Gehring
Ryan and Holli Gentle
Tom and Geri Gierhart
Larry and Karen Gongwer
Norma Gongwer
Mike and Devon Goudy
Juana Graeter
Jane Gremling
Jason and Tara Griffin
Gabe and Nikki Griffith
Brandon Grimes
Jeff and Lisa Grimm
Jean Guinther Roberts
Jon and Nancy Gwin
McKenna Haggerty
Catherine Hale and Richard Pillsbury
Kaleigh Hall
Tarah Hall
T. Garrett Hall
Donald and Sara Hallam
Jolleen Adams Hannahs
Dr. Scott Hannan
Clinton Hans
Linda* Hans
Rodger* and Linda Hans
Jorgen Hansen
William Hansen
Mason Harper and Andi VanSickle
Taylor Harris
Jen Haudenschild
Morgan and Tori Haudenschild
Kathryn Havris
Nancy Hawkins
Karen Hay
Travis Hayes
Fred* and Sandy Heffelfinger
Wayne Heffelfinger
Chuck and Rita Henley
Jimmy and Shell Henry
David Herman
Tanya Hicks
John and Barbara Hill
Henry and Kathleen Hiner
Emma Hinkle
Don Holt and Roxanne Baumgartner
Richard Hon
Jonathan Horn
Robert and Cheryl Horner
Susan Horvath
Eric Howe
Susan Howman
David Huffman
Daniel and Jennifer Huffman
Becky Hughes
Garold and Mary Hunt
Glenn and Viva Hurdle
Dan and Jennifer Hustack
Serra Ilgaz
William Jackson II
Betty* James
Brandt and Courtney Jarvis
Mike Jones
Susie Jones
Andrew Kaiser
Jason Kaiser
Rob and Lori Kaiser
Patricia Kandel-Simpson and Brad Simpson
Dennis Kanzig
Justin and Billie Kauffman
Nicholas Kauffman
Joel and April Keener
Bob and Karen Keener
Larry and Sue Kennedy
Jamie Kettering
Ron and Marilyn Kettering
Kayla and Andrew Kibler
Darrell and Erin Kick
Treesa Kilgore and Mark Seals
Nikki King
Kristi Kirk
Jessica Kirkpatrick
Karie Kirkpatrick
Dr. Marcus Kirkpatrick
Jeff Kline
Mary Alice Kline
Steven Kline
Joel Knisely
Dale and Chris Knoble
Al and Jennie Ko
Cassandra Kopper
Sandra Koppert
Eric Krantz
Carol Kuhlke
Kimberly Kurtz
Ellen Kwak
Carrie Lance
Ron and Cathy Lance
Norma Lanstra
Cody and Ashley Lape
Todd Laser
Beth Ann Latella
Andrea Laughlin
Bill and Jess Lavene
Charlotte* Lavinder
Jason Lavinder
Kevin Layer
Ross* Leatherow
James and Shirley Lehman
Corey and Kate Lemke
Rachel Lepley
Dale and Tammy Lepp
Gary and Reva Lewis
Amy Leyda
Jayson and Sandra Lima
Barbara Linerode
Scott and Tanya Liston
Ralph* and Debra Long
Ericka Lowe
Gary Lowe
Mary Lee Lowe
Ralph Lozier
Amber and Geoff Luikart
Jill Lyons
Tyler MacQueen
Kerry MacQueen
Tara Madigan
Patty Magruder
Tyler Manchester
Danielita Mancilla
Kim Marley
Richard* Marshall
Barbara (Lackey) Martens
Tom and Michelle Martin
Scott and Audrey Mathews
Kip and Beth Matteson
Matt Maxwell
Bryce McCaskey
Tyler and Caitlynn McCaskey
Brian and Hollie McCauley
Mark and Carli McClure
Daneen* McGrane
Marcia McIntire
Jennifer McIntosh
Cheryl McKeon
Jason McMullen
Toni* McMullen
Janice Meadows
Frederick and Linda Michel
Patrick Michel
Morgan and Mitchell Miles
Robbie Miller
Christopher Milo
Erin Mitchell
Michael and Shirley Moffett
Betty* and Reese* Morgan
Stephanie Morris
Michael and Jennifer Mosher
Mitchell Mosher
John Mott
Josh Mott
Tom and Karen Motz
Josiah and Katelyn Mould
David and Olivia Mowery
Tim and Patti* Mowery
Brandon Mowry
Gordon Moxley
Forest and Georgia Muir
John* and Beth* Myers
Melvin* Nestich
David Nickles
Jim Nickles
Paige Novak
Eleanor Oakes
Ann Obrecht
Ron and Sandy Obrecht
Bryan Ocheltree
Elizabeth Olson
Doug Oswalt
Myron and Pat* Oswalt
Debbie Parker
Gene and Judy Parker
Betty Jo Patterson
McKenzie Payne
Jeremy Pecqueur
Gordon* and Frances* Penner
Richard and Linda Lou* Peoples
Susan Peoples
Pam Perreira
Kathy Perrett
Stephanie Perrone
Jarrod Pollard
Lannie and Diane Pollard
Damien and Rachel Pomarico
Bryan Price
Jeff Price
Whitney Proudman
Rick and Lisa Pugliese
Dave and Sherry Purcell
Lucinda Pyers
Coleman Quay
Joanne Kick-Raack
James and Karen Rader
Terry Ramey
Seth Ramsey
Gene and Deb Rastetter
Kristi Ray
Michael Ray
Geoff Reeder
Sarah Reeder
Shirley Reeder
Lorand Reich
Beckett Reidenbach
Bob Remington
William and Myrtle Remington
Alice Reynolds
Erin Reynolds
Russel L Reynolds III
Saundra Rhamey
Ross Richins
Tony and Karla Robinson
Duane and Karen Rocha
Rosanne Rodriguez Forrest
Rebecca Roesch
Mitchell Rooks
Dr. Valarie Ruiz
Taylor and Leigh Ann Runge
Barbara* Sage
Sierra Sage
Tim* and Linda* Sage
Daniel Saylor
Nate and Alexandria Scarberry
Joseph Schaefer
Kimberly and Eric Schaefer
Bob and Catherine Schaffer
Jim and Mary Schalmo
Curt and Jenny Schneider
Kathleen (McGuire) Schuck
Ron and Linda Schuck
Chris and Michelle Schwan
Karin Schwan
Nic and Lisa Schwan
Kathleen Schweder
Dalanie Scott
Logan and KJ Scott
Les* and Marsha Seibert
Lisa Sellers
Barb Shaffer Hinds
Jeff and Stephanie Shearer
Joe and Penny Shearer
Benjamin and Tessa Shetler
Glenn* and Dollyanna* Shireman
Harriett Shiveley
Tim and Wendy Shreffler
Hanna and Ryan Sigler
Doug Simonis
Bruce and Sherri Sinclair
Paul and Brittany Sisk
Josh and Mandie Skok
Eric Sly
Evelyn Smaltz
Rear Admiral Kevin Smith
Mike and Sue Smith
Wayne Smith
Jason and Melissa Snow
Jack and Deanna Snyder
Mark and Jo Snyder
Megan Snyder
Ray* Snyder
Sydney Snyder
Whitney Snyder
Brandi Sponseller
Bryan Sprang
James and Sherri Sprang
Bryan and Lydia Spreng
CJ Spreng
Cody and Emily Spreng
Kacey Spreng
Sheena Spreng
Travis Spreng
Derek and Kelly Stake
Dana Stark
Grant and Devon Stevison
Kevin and Ann Stitzlein
Joy Stitzlein
Kara Stitzlein
Kurtis Stitzlein
Tyler Stitzlein
Ann* Strang
Shirley Strang
Charlie and Joannie Streby
Dan Strong
James and Marla Strong
Beth Strong Bruneau
Roland and Nin Studer
Estate of Ralph Stull
Ryan and Tasa Summers
Gary and Mary Sutorius
Ted and Patricia Swainhart
Steve Swindall
Mack and Jen Taylor
Dick Taylor
Roy and April Templeman
Heino* and Cathy Thiemens
Kate Thompson
Michael Thornton
Ben Tice
Megan Timmons
Isaac and Alison Todd
Blaze and Julie Turner
Zachary and Kailie Tuttle
John and Sue Utterback
Robert and Debra Valentine
Natalie Van Riper
William Vanasdale
Jessica VandeKoppel
Austin and Hannah VanSickle
Mark and Jennifer Vaughan
Samantha Villa
David Vogt
William* and Eunice* Waber
William and Cathy Wahoff
Jenna Wander
Paula Watson
Robert* Weakland
John and Cheryl Weaver
Rylie Weber
Tim Weber
Christopher Weidinger
Betti Weimer
Judi Weirich-Oswalt
Gabriel and Amber Weiser
Norman and Rita Wellman
Ed and Sandy Weltmer
Carl Wendling
Carol* Wheaton
Melissa Whelan
Mark White
Maxine Wierbiki
Janet Wigton-Larson
Julie Williams
Natasha Williams
Connie Willis
Carol Wilson
Catherine Wilson
Eureta* Wilson
Gary Wilson
Matthew and Ashley Wilson
Todd and Beth Wilson
Mary Jo Wittel
Shelley Hart-Wittman
Erin Wittstock
Katherine* Wolfe
Jace Wolford
Jennifer Wolford
Michelle Workman
Scott and Cindy Young
Doug and Shirley Young
Earl* and Annabelle* Young
Ernest Young
Gary Young
Haley Young
Harley and Misty Young
Ty Young
Lawni and Cindy Ziegler
Brent and Patti Zimmerman