C.E. Budd Building -- Gym Floor Auction

Thank you to these supporters for
buying a piece of school history!

Item Winning Bid Winning Bidder
1 $500 Kristi (Michelfelder) Leeth
2 $500 Shrivers Pharmacy
3 $325 Lori Byers
4 $300 Lisa Christine
5 $350 Anonymous Bidder     (donated to Beano's)
6   Donated to L-P Schools
7 $375 Lisa (Marshall) Bangasser
8 $500 John Carroll
9 $500 Mike McDaniel
10 $425 Scott Baldner
11 $275 Bill Raines
12 $600 Mike Bandy


The L-P School Foundation salvaged pieces of the Budd School gym floor after it was damaged during the Christmas 2022 break when a water pipe burst and caused extensive flooding.  We auctioned these framed pieces and all proceeds will be used to increase the Foundation's annual grants to the L-P Schools.



After much research, we believe this is the original floor from 1949.  Varsity games were played on this floor until the current high school was opened in 1964.  Could your footprints be on one of these pieces?    What about the footprints of a parent, or your child, or your classmates and school friends?  Just think of the memories you’ll own . . . if you are the winning bidder!

The supply is very limited.  We have 12 framed pieces, and the possibility of making 12 more.  Each piece is approximately 14” X 18” X 2" and weighs about 10 pounds.  The Shrock Companies expertly finished each piece with a black band frame.  The subfloor is still attached, and all nails have been ground and smoothed.  Each piece is unique, and justifiably shows its age and character.