Redbird Alumni Challenge

Redbird Alumni Challenge

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The Redbird Alumni Challenge is a competition among the LHS classes graduating over the last twenty years. The winning class will be the one with the largest NUMBER (not dollars) of donations. The minimum donation is $1.00 and only one donation per person will be counted. The Challenge is held every year, beginning on January 1 and ending on the Sunday following graduation ceremonies.

To encourage some good, healthy competition, the Foundation is offering TWO prizes:

  1. $50 to the Treasury account of the winning class. (The account must be held in a bank checking or savings account.)
  2. $50 Amazon gift card to ONE Redbird Alumni Challenge donor, regardless of their class affiliation and donation amount. The winner will be selected via a random drawing.

Good luck and thanks for your interest in the Foundation!

2024 Redbird Alumni Challenge -- Donors by class year
Janet Abee
Chuck and Connie Adams
Joe and Deb Allerding
Ed and Vickie Arnholt
Larry Arnholt
Doug and Alyson Baker
Mike and Guinn Bandy
Rick and Kelly Beechy
Thomas and JoAnn Beechy
Ben and Sharon Blubaugh
Rose Boreman
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Bowman
Nancy Bowman
Wynn and Susan Bowman
Terry* and Judy Briggs
David Brightbill
Jean Brightbill
Robert* and Linda Brown
Charles A. Browning
David Bunting
Matt and Marissa Burd
Gene and Ginny Burgess
Larry and Toni Burkepile
Dominique Burriss
Dick Butler
Don and Joyce Butler
Andy and Mindy Butts
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Byers
Jill Byers
Marilyn Byers
Sue Cadoret
Stephen Caldwell
Ruth Ann Campbell
Vivian Campbell
Mark and Melisa (Meme) Carr
Jeff and Bev Carter
Mike and Amy Cheney
Heidi Chrastina
Jerry and Lisa Christine
Gayle Christopher
Class of 1973
Gary Conrad
Tessa Cooperrider
Doug and Deb Cowen
Virginia and Tom Darrah
Cathy Dennis
Connie Dennis
Kim and Jo Dee Derr
Jerry and Judy Dudte
Bud and Toni Dunmire
John and Vicki Dye
Gary* and Sandy Easterday
John and Doreen Edmondson
Weldon and Joanne* Edmondson
Emily Eikleberry
Matthew and D'Joy Falaye Gwin
Bill and Sandy Flowers
Candy Foster
Deborah (Strong) Fox
Stephen and Nancy Frank
Charles and Sandra Fudge
John and Jody Getz
Earl Gilbert
Connie Gilt
Philip* and Dana Glasgo
Jane Gooding
Maureen Goodwin
Bill and Annette Gorrell
Gina Gorrell
Josh and Michelle Gray
Nate and Jessica Gray
John and Joie Gregor
Kathy Haag
David and Beth Haight
Bob and Carmen Hall
Gary and Sherry Hannan
Rob and Chris Harris
Jerry and Bobbie Harris
Bill and Lourene Heichel
Gene and Nancy Heller
Buzz and Karen Henley
Sherry Hesselbein
Scott Hieatt
Connie Hinkle
Randy and Terry Hinkle
Dan and Peg Horn
Will and Susie Hoyt
Herman and Faith Huffman
Nate and Stephanie Huffman
Bill and Marg Huffman
Bob and Bev Hughes
Chelsey Jones
Steve* and Kay Kick
Russell and Ruth Kinsey
Elmer and Cindy* Kline
Jennifer Koop and Leonard Koop, Jr
Robert and Jane Kopp
Judy Koppert
Eric Krantz
Kevin Krupp
Lea Lakosh
Marta Landoll
Wayne Leininger
Dr. John Leland
Kenny Libben
Connie Likens
Jim* and Elise Lingenfelter
Jacque and Joyce Lingenfelter
Tom and Renata Lunt
Ronda Manchester
Tyler Manchester
Steve and Teri Marshall
Donna McBride
Shayne and Michelle McCaskey
Chuck and Becky McClure
Gary and Karen McClure
Karen McCready
Michael and Michele McDaniel
Daniel and Laurie McFarlin
Gary and Linda McFarlin
Ron and Judy McFarlin
John and Doris Messner
Joan Metzger
Morgan and Mitchell Miles
Richard* and Maxine Miller
Kim Morone
Dick Morris
Jim and Charlene* Morris
Steve and Debra Mosher
Rebecca Mott
Tim and Sandy Mowery
Beverly Mumper
KC Nash
Scott and Angie Nave
Corey Ness
Dennis and Cindy Newcomer
Michael Newton
Duane and Sandra* Obrecht
Raymond and Elaine Obrecht
Carolyn (Paisley) Hahne
Tom Pakes
Judith Pearson
Susan Peoples
Britta Lissakers Perry
Laurent (Gus) and Isabel Petit
Andy Podnieks
Carl and Lucretia Portz
Ronny and Jennifer Portz
Ron and Linda Pratt
Senior Project
Peggy Rader
Mark and Denise Ramser
Jim and Janice Reed
Mel and Jo Anne Reinthal
Cathy Reynolds
Russ and Tami Reynolds
Kerry and Cindy* Rich
Ron and Judy Robbins
Eric and Karen Rooks
Marcella Rosen
James and Judy Sabo
Sierra Sage
Joseph Schaefer
Kyle and Hattie Schenk
Phylis Schleicher
Dalanie Scott
Lisa Sellers
Joe and Gay Nell Seymour
Fred Shaffer
Will Shaffer
Doug and Patty Shannon
Heath and Nicole Shannon
Russell Shorts
Greg Shreve
Jayne Simms
Carol Slates
Jim Smetzer
James and Carolyn Smith
David Smith
Rear Admiral Kevin Smith
Patti Smith
Russell and Lynn Smith
Rick* and Marilee Snyder
Norma Snyder
Don Sours
Todd and Tonda Sprang
Milt and Amy Spreng
Dave and Diana Spreng
Steve Spreng Trucking
Ronald and Karen Spreng
Scott and Angela Spreng
David and Sandra Stake
Dwight* and Susie Stake
Greg and Diane Staman
Matt and Jennifer Stewart
Skip and Darla Stitzlein
Gary and Diana* Stitzlein
Kim Stitzlein
Judith Stitzlein Bridger
Dean and Ronda Stoner
Chris and Ashley Strong
Bob and Robin Strong
Gary and Patricia Stumbaugh
Joseph and Mary Taylor
Chuck and Karen Thomas
Debbie Thomas
Tom and Cheryl Thompson
Jackie Truax
Jon* and Salome (Sally) Truax
Zachary and Kailie Tuttle
Sheila Uhrich
Taryn VanAtta
John and Angela Vermilya
Rick and Colleen Virgili
Mary Lou* and Wayne Wachtel
Ben Ward
Leroy and Donna* Weaver
Christopher Weidinger
George Weimer
Melissa Weirick
Sam* and Shirley Weirick
Josh and Sarah Weiser
Kris (Priscilla) Wells
Tom Wilson
George Winters
Micheal Wiredu
Shelley Hart-Wittman
Rick and Bev Wolford
Jeremy and Cynthia Wolford
Toni Wolford
Jane Wright Eberhart
Dan and Jeanne Yoakam
Mike Young
Eric and Michele Young
Tom and Belinda Young
Jack and Lori Zimmerman
Ed* and Barb Zody
Les and Gailen Zody
Scott and Mary Zody
Ron and Denise Zook
Previous Winners
Background Color
Year Class Number of Donors
2023 Class of 2006 43
2022 Class of 2006 35
2021 Class of 2006 37
2020 Class of 2006 29
2019 Class of 2005 48
2018 Class of 2006 15
2017 Class of 2006 20
2016 Class of 2006 25
2024 Redbird Alumni Challenge

Start Date:

January 1, 2024

End Date:

Sunday, May 26, 2024 (midnight)

The Stats for This Year:

Total Donors: 22

Total Dollars: $676.00

Overall Results of Redbird Alumni Challenges
Background Color
Year Number of Donations Total Amount
2023 134 $3,463
2022 111 $3,225
2021 145 $2,818
2020 101 $3,089
2019 174 $2,779
2018 58 $1,362
2017 66 $1,301
2016 66 $811
GRAND TOTAL 855 $18,848