Redbird Alumni Challenge

Redbird Alumni Challenge

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The Redbird Alumni Challenge is a competition among the LHS classes graduating over the last twenty years. The winning class will be the one with the largest NUMBER (not dollars) of donations. The minimum donation is $1.00 and only one donation per person will be counted. The Challenge is held every year, beginning on January 1 and typically ending the Sunday following graduation ceremonies.

The Foundation will donate $50 to the Treasury account of the winning class (The account must be held in a bank checking or savings account.). Good luck and thanks for supporting the Foundation! 

2021 Redbird Alumni Challenge -- Donors by class year
Matt and Kara Armstrong
Henry and Marlene Augustine
Kurtis and Christy Baldner
Mike and Guinn Bandy
John Boich
Marcy and Radoslaw Bolek
David Brightbill
Charles Browning
Aaron and Christine Butts
Jack and Jane Campbell
Doug Fisher
Diane Furno
John and Mary Lou Gess
Philip* and Dana Glasgo
Jean Guinther Roberts
Douglas and Brenda Haag
David Huffman
Ron and Elaine Kiefer
Treesa Kilgore and Mark Seals
Russell and Ruth Kinsey
Jerry and Deb Kirkpatrick
Rich and Tammy Kline
Todd Laser
Charlotte Lavinder
Kenny Libben
Connie Likens
Donna McBride
Chuck and Becky McClure
Park National Bank
Lucinda Pyers
Lorand Reich
Russ and Tami Reynolds
Marcella Rosen
Jane Shaffer Ganelin
Doug and Patty Shannon
Russell G. and Lynn Smith
Bryan and Lydia Spreng
Ronald and Karen Spreng
Tom and Cheryl Thompson
Previous Winners
Year Class Number of Donors
2021 Class of 2006 37
2020 Class of 2006 29
2019 Class of 2005 48
2018 Class of 2006 15
2017 Class of 2006 20
2016 Class of 2006 25
2021 Redbird Alumni Challenge

Start Date:

January 1, 2021

End Date:

Sunday, May 30, 2021 (midnight)

The Stats for This Year:

Total Donors: 6

Total Dollars: $380.00

Results of Previous Redbird Alumni Challenges
Year Number of Donations Total Amount
2021 145 $2,818
2020 101 $3,089
2019 174 $2,779
2018 58 $1,362
2017 66 $1,301
2016 66 $811
GRAND TOTAL 610 $12,160