Grants in Action

Here are some examples of how your support is translated into grants that enrich our school's curriculum and benefit our students.

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Improving Reading Skills

Chelsea Wheeler’s 2021 Teacher Mini-Grant purchased over 450 books to help McMullen School students improve their reading skills. 

Here are some comments from Chelsea’s Follow-Up Report:

This project made a big impact on the reading progress of our second graders!  Students from multiple classrooms were able to utilize these books.  The materials allowed teachers to easily meet students at their exact reading level.  We are so grateful for your funding of these materials that can be used for years to come.

Coding with the TI-84+

With his 2021 Teacher Mini-Grant, Seth Youngen’s Algebra II students learned how to write code for TI-84+ calculators.   The code they created actually “drove” the TI-Rover for different directions, distances, and angles.  This entry level coding can spark an interest in higher level programming, computer science, and robotics. 

Columbus Zoo at McMullen School

One of our 2017 Teacher Mini-Grants brought eight exotic animals from the Columbus Zoo to McMullen Elementary School.  The program tied in with a reading unit about animals making adaptations based on their habitats.

Pictured here is Misi, a 4-year old cheetah weighing about 100 pounds.  The zoo employees explained how cheetahs have adapted with black under their eyes to reduce glare and better see their prey.

STEM Students Create Trophy with 3D Printer

This picture is from the Lip Sync Battle organized by the Class of 2018.  In the front is senior Saylor Lewis, who is holding the 1st Place trophy, a small golden Redbird.  The trophy was printed by LHS students in the STEM curriculum, using one of the two 3D printers purchased with a grant from the L-P School Foundation.

Sensory Room at McMullen School

McMullen Elementary teacher Hannah Wildermuth poses with some of the Sensory Room equipment purchased with an LPSF grant.  In her follow-up report, Hannah explained that this room helps students academically because it "allows students who feel overwhelmed by the classroom to go to a safe place where they can de-escalate."    

Increasing Our Grants


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