Redbird Alumni Challenge

Redbird Alumni Challenge

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The Redbird Alumni Challenge is a competition among the LHS classes graduating over the last twenty years. The winning class will be the one with the largest NUMBER (not dollars) of donations. The minimum donation is $1.00 and only one donation per person will be counted. The Challenge is held every year, beginning on January 1 and typically ending the Sunday following graduation ceremonies.

The Foundation will donate $50 to the Treasury account of the winning class (The account must be held in a bank checking or savings account.). Good luck and thanks for supporting the Foundation! 

2021 Redbird Alumni Challenge -- Donors by class year
Anonymous (3)
Janet Abee
Chuck and Connie Adams
Sherry Albertson-Clark and Ken Clark
Andrea Algire
Joe and Deb Allerding
Stephen and Alicia Allerding
Mattie Amstutz
Nan* Anderson
Matt and Kara Armstrong
Ed and Vickie Arnholt
Larry Arnholt
Henry and Marlene Augustine
Bev Badger
Kelsey Bailey
Doug and Alyson Baker
Lawrence* and Cherie Baldner
Scott Baldner
Mike and Guinn Bandy
Ruthanne Bandy
John and Carolyn Bauer
Richard and Lauren Beans
Charles and Phyllis Beck
Gregg and Connie Beechy
Rick and Kelly Beechy
Thomas and JoAnn Beechy
Chuck and Janet Bender
Andrew and Olivia Bennett
Jaimie Berry
Kay Berry
Nicole Bilancini
Robert Bilger
Jay and Ann Bitner
David and Crystal Bitner
Ben and Sharon Blubaugh
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Bowman
Jason and Jackie Bowman
Nancy Bowman
Terry Bowman and Glenn Warren-Bowman
Crystal Brendemuehl
Bob Brennstuhl
Terry* and Judy Briggs
David Brightbill
Jean Brightbill
Robert and Sue Brightbill
Mary Lou Budd
Jennifer Bumbalough
David Bunting
Matt and Marissa Burd
Gene and Ginny Burgess
Jessica Bush
Don and Joyce Butler
Andy and Mindy Butts
Amy Byers
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Byers
Jill Byers
Marilyn Byers
Rodney and Anita Byler
Sue Cadoret
Stephen Caldwell
Ruth Ann Campbell
Vivian Campbell
Jared and Megan Canfield
Mariellen Carr
Mark and Melisa (Meme) Carr
Michael Carroll
Sarah Carroll
Jeff and Bev Carter
Trev and Karen Cary
Tyler and Jessica Cates
Leah Chapman
Mariah Chapman
Mike and Amy Cheney
Carrie (Mitsch) Chiarella
Jerry and Lisa Christine
Gayle Christopher
Kyle Clady
Class of 1982
Class of 1996
Class of 1997
Class of 1998
Class of 2005
Adam Close
Christopher and Andrea Conley
Don Conrad
Ryan and Mackenzie Conway
Christine Coon-Seymour
Hannah Cooper
Mara Cooperrider
Dr. Mary Crow
Dr. and Mrs. Kent Cunningham
Bob and Cheryl Curry
Jen Dalton
Brandt Danals
Stu and Deb Danals
Noah* Daniel
Jim and Margie Danner
Virginia Darrah
Nate and Kathy Davis
Rasheena Davis
Becky DeLay
Alissa Dennie
Cathy Dennis
Connie Dennis
Kim and Jo Dee Derr
Mindy Derr
Nicole Docherty
Wes and Tamara Donaldson
Patrick and Becky Drouhard
Jerry and Judy Dudte
John and Vicki Dye
Gary and Sandy Easterday
Loleta Eberhart
John and Doreen Edmondson
Weldon and Joanne* Edmondson
Emily Eikleberry
Thomas and Marlene Ellis
Jose and Aimee Espitia
Bob and Polly Fenton
BB* and Sue Ferris
Mindee Fisher
Joseph and Patricia Fisher
Nathan Fliger
Bill and Sandy Flowers
Fraternal Order of Eagles #2275
Dr. Laura Frazier
Brenda Fredericks
Lee and Diana Fromme
Julia Fulmer Cummins
Jenny Garrison
Ryan and Holli Gentle
Jack Gerhart
John and Mary Lou Gess
Earl Gilbert
Connie Gilt
Lissa Glasgo and Katrina Ngo
Mandee Glasgo
Jane Gooding
Maureen Goodwin
Brenda Lou Gotter
Ashley Gray
Nathaniel and Jessica Gray
Jessie Gruver
Matthew Gwin
Gary and Sherry Hannan
Dustin and Mindy Hans
William Hansen
Darwin* and Sheila Hardin
Rose Hargis
Adam and Emma Harper
Chris and Rob Harris
Jerry and Bobbie Harris
Taylor Harris
Eric Haudenschild
Bill and Lourene Heichel
Roger* and Sharon Heimberger
Gene and Nancy Heller
Sherry Hesselbein
Stephen and Dianne Hines
Randy and Terry Hinkle
David and Cindy Hollinger
Tiffany Hoover
Robert and Cheryl Horner
Susan Horvath
Bill and Marg Huffman
Dan and Jerrilyn Huffman
Nate and Stephanie Huffman
Lynn Hulver
Kacie Hunter
Mekaylah Hyatt
Don and Emily Iles
Heather Johnson
Chelsey Jones
Margaret* Jones
Andrew Kaiser
Michael and Meghan Kandel
Faith Keenan
Connie Kennedy
Larry Kick
Phil and Kate Kick
Steve* and Kay Kick
Ron and Elaine Kiefer
Russell and Ruth Kinsey
Kristi Kirk
Elmer and Cindy* Kline
Jacob and Samantha Kline
Jeff Kline
Rich and Tammy Kline
Ron and Lois Kline
Danielle Knoble
Shirley Koch Watters
Leonard and Jennifer Koop
Robert and Jane Kopp
Bruce Koppert
John and Kari Krabill
Kevin Krupp
Jordan and Becky Lance
Ron and Cathy Lance
Marta Landoll
Tom and Debbie Lavinder
Wayne Leininger
Rachel Lepley
Kenny Libben
Charles Lindecamp
Jacque and Joyce Lingenfelter
Tom and Renata Lunt
Doug Lutz
Ronda Manchester
Steve and Teri Marshall
Sheila Mascareno
Elaine Matz
Lana McBride
Linda McBride
Shayne and Michelle McCaskey
Tyler and Caitlynn McCaskey
Chuck and Becky McClure
Gary and Karen McClure
Jim* and Phyllis McClure
Karen McCready
David and Melissa McCuistion
Jerrilynn McDaniel
Katie McDaniel
Michael and Michele McDaniel
Tiffani McDonald
Ron and Judy McFarlin
Dr. Renee Meadows
John and Doris Messner
Joan Metzger
Heather Meucci
Robbie Miller
Sharlene Miller
Misty Moore Pruchnicki
Bob and Edna Moritz
Kim Morone
Dick Morris
Jim and Charlene* Morris
Steve and Debra Mosher
Rebecca Mott
Norma Mowers-Zody and Gaylord* Zody
Tim and Sandy Mowery
Tyler and Brittany Mowery
Brandon Mowry
Larry and Lisa Mowry
Christie and Chester Mullet
Beverly Mumper
Larry and Karyle Mumper
Mary Lee Myers
Christina Nawrocki
Corey Ness
Dennis and Cindy Newcomer
Michael Newton
Don and Jeannette* Nickles
Duane and Sandra Obrecht
Raymond and Elaine Obrecht
Bryan Ocheltree
Walter and Sarel Offinger
Fred and Mary* Paisley
Park National Bank
John and Terri Paullin
Mike and Kathi Paullin
Judith Pearson
Dan and Susie Piskur
Andy Podnieks
Connie Poppaw
Dick* and Barb Porter
Carl and Lucretia Portz
Ronny and Jen Portz
Stanton* and Kay Portz
Senior Project
Whitney Proudman
Prudential Foundation
Coleman Quay
Larry* and Sandy Quay
Peggy Rader
Mark and Denise Ramser
Jim and Janice Reed
Andrew and Kari Reidenbach
Mel and Joanne Reinthal
Kerry Rich
Jim* and Bev Richardson
Justin and Molly Ringler
Dan and Kayla Robinson
Paul and Ann Robison
Jon and Anne Rodgers
Dave and Joyce Rohrbaugh
Bob and Julie Rooks
Jessica Ross
Carl Roth
Bobbe Jeanne Rowan
James and Judy Sabo
Sarah Salomon
Robert and Beverly Saunier
Jenna Saylor
Bill and Shawna Scarberry
Kyle and Harriet Schenk
Phylis Schleicher
AnnMarie Schmersal
Dominique Schultz
Joe and Gay Nell Seymour
Fred Shaffer
Will Shaffer
Doug and Patty Shannon
Heath and Nicole Shannon
Justin Shearer
Patricia Shenberger
Meshey Shields
Tim Shireman
Russell Shorts
Greg Shreve
Mike and Jo Shrimplin
Carol Slates
Doug and JoAnn Smetzer
Jim Smetzer
James and Carolyn Smith
Patti Smith
Russell G. and Lynn Smith
Carl* and Sandy Smith
Mike and Carol Smithhisler
Christopher Snively
Robert Snively
Marty and Sally Snow
Norma Snyder
Sydney Snyder
Twila Soles
Don Sours
Gary and Sharon Sprang
Milt and Amy Spreng
Dave and Diana Spreng
Cody and Emily Spreng
Lawrence* and Donna Spreng
Scott and Angela Spreng
Willis and Annette Spreng
Nicholas and Katie Spring
Dwight* and Susie Stake
Bob* and Mary Alice* Staman
Greg and Diane Staman
Sue Steingass
Matt and Jennifer Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Stinemetz
Dan and Lisa Stitzlein
Gary and Diana* Stitzlein
Roger and Connie Stitzlein
Tyler Stitzlein
Judith Stitzlein Bridger
Tim and Terry Stockdale
Dean and Ronda Stoner
Chris and Ashley Strong
Matt and Ashley Strouse
Chelsea Strouse Schnell
Gary and Patricia Stumbaugh
Joseph and Mary Taylor
Kevin and Lydia Taylor
Clare Theis
Samantha Thiemens
Debbie Thomas
Tom and Cheryl Thompson
Oliver and Ashley Thwaite
James L. Todd
Bruce and Kay Truax
Jon* and Salome (Sally) Truax
Marilyn Tupper
Nellie Turner
Sheila Uhrich
Jack and Pam Underwood
John and Laura* Van Horn
Natalie Van Riper
Taryn VanAtta
John and Angela Vermilya
Carolyn Vickers Carmichael
Rick and Colleen Virgili
Walmart Foundation
Ben Ward
Mike Warner
David Weatherbee
John and Cheryl Weaver
Leroy and Donna Weaver
Luke and Katie Weber
Tim Weber
George Weimer
Terry Weirich
Kris (Priscilla) Wells
Steve and Dewann Weltmer
Ted* and Vivian Wendling
Brian and Karie Wheaton
Kristin Wilson
Matthew and Ashley Wilson
Tom Wilson
John and Andrea Wise
Brian and Katherine Woischke
Rick and Bev Wolford
Toni Wolford
Jane Wright Eberhart
Janet Young
Eric and Michele Young
Mike Young
Ryan Young
Ty Young
Wayne and Debra Young
Richard and Lacey Zellner
Justin Ziegler
Rod and Phyllis Zimmerman
Ed* and Barb Zody
Les and Gailen Zody
Scott and Mary Zody
Ron and Denise Zook
Previous Winners
Year Class Number of Donors
2021 Class of 2006 37
2020 Class of 2006 29
2019 Class of 2005 48
2018 Class of 2006 15
2017 Class of 2006 20
2016 Class of 2006 25
2021 Redbird Alumni Challenge

Start Date:

January 1, 2021

End Date:

Sunday, May 30, 2021 (midnight)

The Stats for This Year:

Total Donors: 145

Total Dollars: $2,818.00

Results of Previous Redbird Alumni Challenges
Year Number of Donations Total Amount
2021 145 $2,818
2020 101 $3,089
2019 174 $2,779
2018 58 $1,362
2017 66 $1,301
2016 66 $811
GRAND TOTAL 610 $12,160