Donor List

We thank the 1,180 donors who have supported the Loudonville-Perrysville School Foundation since its incorporation in 2008.  We also welcome those donors, shown in bold, who made their first donation in the current calendar year. Donors known to be deceased are marked with an asterisk (*).

Years Donated: 10 or more

Anonymous (1)
Steve and Peg Allerding
Larry Arnholt
James and Andrea Arnholt
Mike and Guinn Bandy
Edward* and Delores* Baum
Thomas and JoAnn Beechy
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Berry
Ben and Sharon Blubaugh
Terry Bowman and Glenn Warren-Bowman
Nancy Bowman
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Bowman
Mary Lou Budd
Marilyn Byers
Amy and Mike Cheney
Dr. and Mrs. Kent Cunningham
Virginia Darrah
Rosanne Dickson
Judy and Jerry Dudte
John and Doreen Edmondson
Ron and Vivian Etzwiler
Bill and Sandy Flowers
John and Mary Lou Gess
Earl Gilbert
Bill and Annette Gorrell
Don Gorrell
Joie Gregor
M. Jeane and Jim Gribble
Chris and Rob Harris
Jerry and Bobbie Harris
Eugene Harsch
George* and Shirley* Haudenschild
Bill and Lourene Heichel
Chuck* and Martha Henley
Brian and Carol Hinkle
Steve and Kay Kick
Russell and Ruth Kinsey
Shirley Koch Watters
Robert and Jane Kopp
Bruce Koppert
Annie Kuttothara
John Leland
Charles Lindecamp
Jacque and Joyce Lingenfelter
Brenda Long
Tom and Renata Lunt
Sheila Mascareno
Marilyn E. Masheter
Jim and Phyllis McClure
Michael and Michele McDaniel
Ron and Judy McFarlin
John and Doris Messner
John and Penny Miller
Jack* and Toni Morris
Dick Morris
Ernie and Janet* Motz
Norma Mowers-Zody and Gaylord Zody
Tim and Sandy Mowery
Larry and Karyle Mumper
Beverly Mumper
Judith Pearson
Mary Ann and Stanley Post
Jo Ann Price
Mark and Denise Ramser
Mary Ramser
Russ and Tami Reynolds
Mark and Reda Rhoads
Jim* and Bev Richardson
Mary Jean Roach
Marty Ross
Fred Shaffer
Doug and Patty Shannon
Mike and Jo Shrimplin
Russell G. and Lynn Smith
James and Carolyn Smith
Brenda Spier
Gary and Sharon Sprang
Randy and Shannon Sprang
Amy and Milt Spreng
Dave and Diana Spreng