2003 Senior Project

Patriot Games

The Class of 2003 chose an Olympic theme for their Senior Project, which they called the Patriot Games. A total of eight teams competed in the wide-ranging events, some which required physical strength or skills, and some which were intended to be more lighthearted in nature. Winners in the strength and skill arena included Lee Reynolds for a 75 mph baseball throw, Larry Lozier for making 9 of 10 free throws, Andy Van Horn for completing 166 jump rope repetitions in one minute, Jon Horn for doing 74 sit-ups in one minute, and Chase Zickefoose for doing 83 push-ups in one minute. In the more lighthearted events, Kurtis Baldner successfully stacked 48 Oreo cookies, and Ryan Neubig was the fastest competitor to eat three hot dogs. When the scores were totaled, the senior class was the runaway winner, with second place going to the extended Henley family team. In addition to providing lots of fun for all the participants, the Class of 2003 raised $1,755 to benefit the L-P Schools, and collected about 400 items of food for the Helping Hand food pantry.